Dec. 10 (Day 12)

Dec 10, 2020

Read Joshua 2:1-21

Think of what we’ve read and learned over the past thirteen days. We have a God who loves His creation, and who treasures the humans he’s made far above everything else. He is at work everywhere and in all things. When the world shows us selfishness, He shows us love. When bad things happen, He shows us that He’s using them for His good purposes! When we struggle to find the beauty in our mundane daily activities, He shows us that every moment has value! Our God is so good!

Consider today’s passage and put yourself in Rahab’s shoes. Her life was full of hardship and pain, and she spent so much time being treated as property instead of the beautiful, image-bearer of God that she was.

Imagine being entrenched in her hardships, and suddenly hearing that there is a God who miraculously saves a nation of misfits from the powerful kingdom of Egypt. Rahab learns that God dried up a sea to let His people cross safely, and she wants to be a part of that story!

The scarlet cord in this story means so much. It’s a symbol of hope for a better life, of one day being considered valuable and fully human, of one day being seen instead of being invisible, of one day being washed white as snow. By tying this scarlet cord to her window, Rahab surrendered all of her mistakes and hopelessness to God and submitted herself to the great story that He’s relentlessly telling in the midst of a world determined to rebel against Him.

May we all tie a scarlet cord to our windows and seek His salvation.

--How would you summarize God’s story so far?

--How do you feel overlooked or invisible?

--What was your “scarlet cord” moment, or the moment in which you hoped only in God?