Dec. 9 (Day 11)

Dec 9, 2020

Read Deuteronomy 5:1-22, 29

A lot has happened in the Bible’s story since the passage we read yesterday. Over 400 years have passed! During this time, God’s people (His family chosen through Abraham) learned lots of bad behaviors. After spending so many years doing the wrong things, they were no longer able to choose right over wrong. God’s people needed direction, so God gave it to them in the form of these commandments.

At surface level, these commandments (also known as “the law”) simply tell us what to do and what not to do. This is true! God’s law shows us very clearly what is the best way to live.

The law also, however, helps us understand how God views His people. If you read Jesus’ words in Matthew 22:36-40, you’ll see that God wants His people to love Him and to love one another. What does this tell us about God’s view of His people? It tells us that God loves His people and highly values them. Knowing this about God helps us better understand the purpose for these commandments. Look again at Deuteronomy 5, and think of all the ways God helps us understand how to love people in this passage. This is why the writer of Psalm 119 is so enamored with God’s law. God uses the law to once again call His people to not treat others like the kingdoms of the world do, but instead to treat others as we will in His perfect kingdom forever!

Even though the law calls us to love God and love others, and tells us how to do so, it does not enable us to carry out this task. Only Jesus could perfectly fulfill the law, and only He can save us and help us love one another and love God as He desires.

--What surprised you in this reading today?

--How do you struggle to do what God would want vs. what the kingdoms of the world want?

--Memorize a favorite verse in Psalm 119 together. It’s long, so parents might want to look through it ahead of time!