Dec. 1 (Day 3)

Dec 1, 2020

Read Genesis 1:1-5, 26-31

Consider the creative power of our God! He speaks, and it exists. He desires things to be filled and ruled over, so He commands it with His mouth. Notice that creation obeys God fully and completely from the first day to the sixth. There is no disobedience or hiding from God’s plan for the light, dry land, skies, animals or plants, and there is no question about who is in charge until you get to Genesis 1:28.

In Gen. 1:28, we see how human beings differ from the rest of creation. We are the only created beings given direct commands beyond “exist.” God tells man to take up the creative mantle and follow Him in His work, and He also tells us to rule over the other portions of creation. God is in charge, but shares His authority with man.

The sky cannot disobey in its existence. The animals cannot choose not to be. The waters have a place as does the land and plants. There are no special commands for them or plans beyond the first day of their existence, but humans are different. We are invited into a special relationship with the Creator of all things! He made us, and gave each one of us different minds and abilities. We have authority and power: power that’s given to us by the most powerful, creative being in the universe. What is there to do but to trust Him?

--What is your favorite part of His creation?

--How does God’s specific command to humans make you feel worthy?

--In what ways does God’s command to humans surprise you?