We are excited to share with you long awaited plans that have been years in the making!

Further expansion of God’s Kingdom is not always done through structures and buildings, but by focusing on developing the next generation of Biblical leaders and providing opportunities to plant churches in the rural areas surrounding Freeport. God has provided a clear direction for Park Hills to preach the Gospel and make disciples.  

Over the years, our church has demonstrated sacrificial giving and continual self-surrender to be able to lovingly guide and serve the next generation. Now, we want to set forth plans that will reach the next generations. To achieve this goal, we need to create a space in Winnebago that can engage the upcoming generations and develop the next generations of leaders within a rural setting.

Originally envisioned when the Freeport Campus sent a team to establish the "Park Hills East” church plant in Winnebago, we fervently prayed for God’s favor to multiply a solid foundation of ministry, in other words, our collective Park Hills “DNA”. This DNA does not belong to Park Hills, but emerges when individuals fix their gaze on Jesus, surrender their desires, and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Father's will.

It is crucial that we come together in prayer for God to continue to reveal His plan. To MULTIPLY will be a matter of our hearts. We are grateful for the buildings we have and for those who served and sacrificed for them. Now, our intention is to go further. We require a space that enables our expansion for the sake of the Gospel.