Dec. 2 (Day 4)

Dec 2, 2020

Read Genesis 3:1-9

“Where are you?” What a haunting question! If a parent asks, “where are you?” that’s generally not a good thing! If a boss is looking for you, that’s also generally not a good thing! Unfortunately, God has to ask this question to Adam and Eve because they hide from Him in Genesis 3.

The most haunting aspect of God asking Adam and Eve “Where are you?” is that, because He’s God, He already knows what they’ve done and where they’re hiding.

Adam and Eve hid from God when they heard Him walking in the garden because they were too afraid to face Him. This decision marked the first time that creation intentionally distanced itself from God, and we still feel the effects of that decision to this day. Our relationship with God has never been the same.

Instead of living intimately with God as Adam and Eve initially did, we try to do things on our own and choose not to trust God in millions of little ways each day. Instead of trusting God, we trust the serpent and constantly ask “Did God really ____?” We doubt God’s good character and assume that He doesn’t have our best interest in mind. We then also lash out against other humans and choose to lie, cheat, steal, and murder.

If God knew the answer to His question, why did He ask? By asking, He gave Adam and Eve a choice: be humble and admit their wrong, or continue in rebellion by passing blame and acting without love. Adam and Eve chose the latter, and we unfortunately make the same choice every day. God could have destroyed Adam and Eve and started over, but He chose to reach out to them instead. God is merciful and good, and we can see this if we look in the right direction.

--What do you say when you are caught by God?

--How have you chosen rebellion over obedience?

--How does this story break your heart?