Dec. 4 (Day 6)

Dec 4, 2020

Read Gen. 12:1-7; 15:1-6

A lot of bad things happened from Genesis 3-11. Sure, there was Enoch and Noah, but mostly this section of Scripture is defined by bad decisions, bad people and rebellion galore. The last few verses of Genesis 11 lay out (in not much detail) the family tree of a man named Terah. As a modern-day reader, several of these names probably stick out to you from sunday school lessons or sermons, but Scripture at this point tells us nothing about the importance of these individuals. Does Scripture capture their names because God is about to do something with this family? Are they to be partners in God’s work here on earth? Will they pick up where Noah left off?

This is the narrative of Genesis 12-50. You see in the early verses of Gen. 12 that God chose to carry out His plan through Abram. “Go from your country and your kindred,” is a command that, if followed, would make an impact. Did Abram do it? Yes, he did! Why? Scripture doesn’t give us a complete answer, but a partial one exists in Gen. 15:6 “And he [Abram] believed the Lord, and he counted it to him as righteousness.” Abram believed God. We do not fully know why, nor are we meant to know the details (or God would have given them to us!), but we do know that Abram listened and went.

It may seem sufficient to explain faith as “knowing and believing the right things,” but this is actually an incomplete definition because faith leads to action. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if Abram expressed faith in God (Gen. 15:6) but then didn’t do anything? This pivotal story wouldn’t exist in Scripture. It’s kind of a haunting thought, isn’t it?

he Bible is clear: God calls flawed, broken, insignificant humans to partner with Him. When we partner with Him in faith and proceed through actions, His will is carried out! Now, this doesn’t mean that something great and amazing will happen. If you’re standing in your watchtower looking for fanfare (as if it were a signal for God acting) you’ll miss most of what God is doing.

Some of God’s strongest commands look extremely mundane when acted out in faith during daily life: love your wife (Whoa. No matter what.), love your neighbor, seek justice, pursue righteousness, walk humbly, do everything in Jesus’ name, pray continuously, work heartily, etc.

Don’t be caught up by desiring fanfare, or a partnership that looks more exciting. Abram humbly followed God and His story became significant, but not because of Abram. His story became significant because God took Abram’s faith and did something beautiful with it.

May we step out and be radical by leading our children in Gospel-focused ways. May we work hard at our normal jobs so that our co-workers and boss might clearly see Christ. May we take the Garden of Eden beauty to our waiter, doctor, gas station attendant, family, friends and enemies. May it be said of us, “they believed God and it was credited as righteousness.”

--How has faith led to action in your life?

--What is the toughest thing God has asked you to do?

--How can we pray for one another to love Him well?