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Premillennial vs. Glorious
August 21st, 2020
Premillennial vs. GloriousWritten by: Larry Elliott"What is Premillennial anyway?" This week we come to a passage of Revelation that has long been discussed, debated, loved, and hated - commonly refer...  Read More
by Samantha Wichman
Mark of the Beast
August 6th, 2020
Mark of the BeastWritten by: Chris Stukenberg"The Mark of the Beast" - what an unbelievable concept and something that has caused much consternation over the centuries! Now with people marching in the...  Read More
by Samantha Wichman
Judgement as Mercy- by Larry Elliott
July 16th, 2020
Judgement as God’s MercyWritten by: Larry ElliottScripture is filled with the words of God’s people imploring him to act when he is seemingly unresponsive to injustice, personal terror, and evil.“Why,...  Read More
by Samantha Wichman
COVID-19 and the End Times
July 9th, 2020
You’re not crazy if you’ve wondered whether or not COVID-19 is a sign of the end times. Whether it’s the sci-fi movie feel of a world-wide virus without a cure, or the political and conspiracy theory ...  Read More
by Samantha Wichman
The 24 Elders of Revelation- Larry Elliott
July 2nd, 2020
The 24 Elders of RevelationWritten by: Pastor Larry ElliottNumerical references are an interesting thing in the Bible: creation’s 7 days, 7 angels, 7 spirits of God, 7 seals, trumpets & bowls, Daniel’...  Read More
by Samantha Wichman
The Seven Churches in Revelation
June 24th, 2020
Some helpful info for digging into Revelation 2-3....  Read More
by Samantha Wichman