Sunday Poem (Dec. 13, 2020)

Dec. 13, 2020

Written by: Jill Jeffrey

I want to be an orchard, Lord,
Bearing fruit for You.
Fill me with Your Spirit
And a loving attitude.
Help me build my character.
Repentance is my goal.
Lord, show me how to separate
The rot within my soul.
Beauty for the world to see.
Pious holiness displayed.
But deep down I daily struggle
With judgmental thoughts betrayed.
Who am I to judge, Lord?
To watch and criticize?
Help me to root out these thoughts,
To see others with Your eyes.
Show me how to worship,
How to please You with my soul.
Take the splintered parts of me,
In You I’ll be made whole.
Jesus, You have modeled
Everything I need to be.
You planted thoughts and righteousness,
Your holiness in me.
I know I have to choose You,
To join You in surrender
To capture every thought and word,
Change them from tough to tender.
Today I beg You, Jesus,
Help me live my life for You.
I want to be Your church, O God,
All my worship. All I do.

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