Traveling to the Holy Land

Traveling to the Holy Land
Written by: Chris Stukenberg

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As 2020 nears a close, I am ready to be done with it and I am sure you are too! This year has been tough and there is no guarantee that 2021 will be better, but it certainly is unlikely that it will be worse, right?
We are going to read through the Bible next year together and information on this will ramp up in the weeks ahead. As we read through the Bible and consider our part in the greatest story ever told, we want to ask God some big questions:

1) Where are you working?
2) How would you like me to join you in this work?
As we read God's Word together and ask these questions, we believe God will meet us and guide us to fun new adventures and experiences in our faith. As a bonus, I (Chris) will be leading a trip in January 2022 to Israel to experience the Holy Land after having just read through the Bible. The cost (including airfare) will likely be under $3500 per person, double occupancy for 10 days and 9 nights. This provided link will show you where we are going and what the general plan is. Details will be settled fully in early 2021 and the schedule is subject to weather and dynamics outside of our control, but this is an exciting possibility that I would love for you to consider. As our group forms, there will be information meetings and group discussions to get us ready before we leave and put everyone at ease.
We have 50-100 spots total available. If we get close to the 100 total, we will likely make it two smaller groups in two trips back-to-back so that we don't lose the beauty of being able to bond as a group. Please pray about joining us!

Why should we go to the Holy Land on a trip? I can't promise a magical moment of closeness to God. In fact, you will likely have more moments of disappointment with some sites than enlightening experiences. I can't promise that you'll get moments of "Whoa, this is incredible!" or that you'll ever feel like "Jesus walked these roads, so I get it now." I can't promise any of these things or feelings. So why take a trip like this?
Here's what I can promise: you will never read the Bible the same way and everything you experience will guide your future faith journey. You will stand over where David likely sneaked into Jebus and conquered it, making it Jerusalem. David's descendant, Hezekiah, dug tunnels nearby and this will open your eyes to God's wonderful providence to protect His people. You will stand next to the stones Herod brought into Jerusalem to complete his temple reconstruction. You will ride a boat on Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and imagine the calming of the sea with a first hand look at the place so many of Jesus' adventures with His disciples took place. You will begin to understand why Jesus said some of what He said and where He said them. I promise the next time you study the Bible you will see locations in your memories and envision how it all might have gone. You will make connections you didn't know were there and will be overwhelmed with how God used such a tiny place and such a tiny nation to change the world.
I won't make empty promises, because I don't know how the trip will impact you. I do know that our shared experiences will be talked about for years and that as we study God's Word together, it will be richer. You might have the trip of your life, but I know and can promise you will never be the same.

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