Checkout some photos from our latest events!

Engage and Uplift fall retreat: Baraboo, WI

Engage and Uplift took their yearly fall retreat to camp called Expeditions Unlimited in Baraboo, Wisconsin. There they got to partake in an assortment of activities like capture the flag, hiking, a warrior course, and even played a bit of cricket. As well as fun and games, each morning and evening they gathered together to worship and learn that there is more when we put our faith in Jesus!

Men's Ministry Fall Hike:
Porcupine Mountains, MI

Our Men's Ministry took a hike through the beautiful Porcupine Mountains in Michigan this fall. Both groups climbed up and down hills, through rain and shine and in all put about 25 miles behind them. While backpacking over four days, the men went on a journey growing stronger, both in their bond with one another and in their faith with Christ.