We encourage believers to participate in local and regional ministries to help serve the community and proclaim the Gospel. Below is a list of some of these ministries! 

Freeport Pregnancy Center

The Freeport Pregnancy Center offers compassion, grace and hope for local families during pregnancy and beyond. They partner with local organizations to meet client needs through referrals, offer mentoring, support families by providing material resources for mothers and children and provide sexual health educational resources. The FPC always advocates for choosing life.  

Gideons International

Gideons International is a body of believers dedicated to making the Word of God available to everyone and, together with the local church, reaching souls for Christ. They have placed more than 2 billion Scriptures in more than 95 languages in 200 countries across the globe.  

Safe Families

Safe Families is a regional volunteer movement that connects the children of parents in distress with host families who have been called to open their hearts, their arms and their homes to serve those in need. The Safe Families experience starts at church, where families are invited to not only change the lives of a fellow family for better, but to enrich their own untold blessings by living out the Gospel. By hosting these vulnerable children along with support from the church, this extended family environment helps keep children safe and reunite families all in the name of Christ. For more information about our volunteer positions as host home, family friend or family coach in the Park Hills Church network, please contact Merri Lane at 414.380.1072 or merri.lane@parkhillsefc.org.